Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No More Custom Toys (sort of)

I've been thinking for a long time about all of the comments, questions, and suggestions I regularly receive from fellow artists, fans, and gallery curators. After chewing on a great deal of information I began to feel that I needed to abandon either my fine art or my toy art. Although they are both forms of art, the genres carry different vibes and often attract the adoration of different people. I know that a great number of people who like my custom toys really aren't much into my paintings and illustrations. On the other side, most of the collectors whom I've worked with for years just don't connect with the custom toy realm.

(Toy Art) "Qee to the Moon" :: acrylic on 4" tall Mini Qee

(Fine Art) "Play Some Purple For Me" :: 16"x20" acrylic on linen

After putting both the fine art and toy customizing worlds on the chopping block, I felt a little like Abraham with the knife hovering in my hands over Issac, hating what I felt I had to do but willing to do it anyway. Then, like the angel that provided Abraham with another sacrifice, I had a vision of one river that flows to a fork where it parts ways with itself. The one river then has two different names but both are fed from the same source. This gave me the notion that it is time to divide my arts, rather than kill one.

Now you will have a choice to follow what I am doing with paintings and illustrations or with custom toys, or both. Those of you who only want to see my 2D and fine art work may continue to follow me here and you will no longer see posts regarding my custom toys. Those of you wishing to follow my toy customizing adventures will need to jump over to www.facebook.com/colorchemist3d where I am now working under the name Color Chemist. You may also want to follow on Twitter at @ColorChemist3D where I will be posting links to news, shows, and custom toy photos.

Thank you all, both friends of my 2D and 3D art, for the encouragement and support. I love both realms of work and I am excited to continue each by traveling both rivers!

God bless,
Bryan A. Collins (a.k.a. Color Chemist)
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