Saturday, November 12, 2011

Caffeine Illustration in Progress

It was so much fun sharing the progress of my last painting with you here on the blog I thought I'd do it again with this colored pencil illustration. This piece is one that I am doing for the "Caffeine" exhibit at Rendition. The illustration board I am working on measures 11"x14". I began by drawing out the girl with her to-go cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or whatever. The next phase was writing out a list of coffee-related words and printing them from the computer. The next step was to trace them all with pencil and tracing paper, and do a reverse rubbing on the illustration board so the font would be how I wanted.

Once this tedious part was over I moved on to color. Worried about the light pencil rub fading as I worked, I started by coloring the lettering first. In this photo there is already about 7 hours of color work. This one is going to be a time monster!

Now with the background finished I am able to move on to working with the main form in the piece which is the girl holding her to-go cup of coffee. This is where the artistic challenge comes in. Since the background is so colorful, I have to make sure that she does not get washed into a psychedelic ocean of confusion. I have a color scheme planned out for her, but I won't mention it here because I want the freedom to adapt or manipulate the plan if the piece needs me to do so.

Now the roses in her hair are finished, and the hair is getting all colored up. I'm down to crunch-time now and this piece really needs to be finished today, which means all the unfinished work you see here needs to be completed in one sitting. That will probably be about 10-12 hours of work. I better get back to it.

Here is the poster for the "Caffeine" exhibit at Rendition Gallery -

I will update this same post with more progress soon. Stay tuned.

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