Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skeleton Boy with Eggs

I just finished this painting for a collector who requested a unique version of the "Skeleton with Bird" piece I made for the "It's ALIVE!!!" exhibit at Rendition Gallery. It's has been painted on pine, cut from the same board that I salvaged from a home improvement project. (My dad and I turned a window into a door in my house, the pine was for exterior trim.) I've actually been enjoying painting on the wood so much that I will most likely purchase more when I run out of what I have.

To prep the wood I cut a piece in the desired length. The width of the board is 3.5". This painting measures 6" top to bottom. I then use 150 grit sand paper to round the corners and soften the edges by hand. The surface to be painted gets a coat of gesso which dries for twenty-four hours, then a second coat to dry another twenty-four. After painting the piece with acrylics I gave it two coats of archival gloss varnish.

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