Monday, September 12, 2011

Small Insect Paintings

A while back I posted some in-progess shots of insect paintings I was making on wood. I finally finished all four and would like to share them with you. Each one is painted with acrylics and is approximately 3.5"x3.5". The wood they are painted on was left over from one of my home improvement projects. Rather than throwing the wood away, I made some art with it. Each piece is untitled.

Moth Painting Beetle Painting Small Beetle Painting Moth Painting on Wood

1) Moth with green background - SOLD
2) Beetle with purple background - SOLD
3) Beetle with brown background - SOLD
4) Moth with blue background - available HERE

The available pieces are at Rendition Gallery (251 Jefferson St, Fort Collins CO) if you are in the area and would like to see them. They are available for immediate shipping if purchased online and are just $40 each. Please let me know if you have any questions -

God bless,
Bryan A. Collins
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