Monday, June 6, 2011

Current ACEO Inventory

As I begin the scrambling to prepare for the upcoming Albuquerque Comic Expo I decided to take an inventory of how many limited edition ACEO (Art Cards Editions & Originals) I have on hand. As some of you know, I release trading card sized prints in editions of 20 and always release a new one when one sells out. For the Albuquerque Comic Expo I will be making an exception in case some sell out at the expo, and I will be releasing a few in advance.

First things first though, I want to give you the chance to pick up any of the existing trading card prints that still remain in case you can't make it to Albuquerque. Below you will see the image of any card currently available and the current number left of each one. I will try my best to update this post as the cards sell so this stays as current as possible.

The ACEO prints are just $3.95 each and are signed and numbered on the back. Each comes in a removable clear polypropylene sleeve and braced with foam board for protection. Once these are sold out, no more will be made. To order, just click the card(s) you like and you will be directed to the listing on Etsy.

The Gallery of His Mind - by Bryan Collins
"The Gallery of His Mind" - 2 left of 20

Light by Bryan Collins
"Light" - 5 left of 20

Randall's Robot - by Bryan Collins
"Randall's Robot" - 5 left of 20

Curiosity Permanent - by Bryan Collins
"Curiosity Permanent" - 3 left of 20

Twich's Wooden Plane by Bryan Collins
"Twich's Wooden Plane" - 12 left of 20

I Blame Picasso - by Bryan Collins
"I Blame Picasso" - 3 left of 20

Seeking Solace - by Bryan Collins
"Seeking Solace" - 14 left of 20

And That One Word Echoed Like a Fortress - by Bryan Collins
"And That One Word Echoed Like a Fortress" - 5 left of 20

Go Fish - by Bryan Collins
"Go Fish" - 15 left of 20

"Intervention" - 6 left of 20

Minor Setback
"Minor Setback - 19 left of 20

Good Thing Zach Doesn't Dream
"Good Thing Zach Doesn't Dream" - 16 left of 20

God bless,
Bryan A. Collins
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