Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pine Squares Project 3

Now that the backgrounds have dried on these first four pieces of wood, I have laid down a silhouette on each. I drew the outlines with pencil of two moths and two beetles, then filled them in solid black with acrylic paint. Lately I've been painting this way, where I put down a solid black image of my subject, then build up the detail from the dark base. The detail will come next in these four pieces.

I chose insects for the first four "Pine Square" paintings because although bugs have always been a major inspiration to my work, I've never really painted them. I regularly watch TV programs about insects and even keep a few books about them in the studio, but I usually just incorporate some of their characteristics into my monsters, robots, and patterns. I thought it would be a good study to paint the actual creatures so that I can develop an even more in-depth understanding of their forms and textures.

The next post for this project will most likely be of the finished pieces. Stay tuned.

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Bryan A. Collins
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