Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Custom Marshall Teaser

It has been a few months since I finished this custom Marshall for the Tenacious Toys Blind Box Series about to be released any day now. Since the piece I created for the series is a mystery chase custom, I can't show you the whole thing here because that would just ruin the surprise. If you want to take a crack at getting this one-off hand painted monster Marshall, you can check over at www,tenacioustoys.com and pick up a blind box when they are released. You might score this one, or one of the others from the great roster of participants. The other artists contributing to this set of customs are Nemo, OsirisOrion, Leecifer, Steve Talkowski, Mr. Den, Spanky Stokes, LYSOL, Brent Nolasco, ZAM, Rolo, Ian Ziobrowski, and Phetus. A full reveal of my custom piece will be released later, but for now, this is all I can give.

Bryan Allen Collins

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