Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beast Buddies 62 to 73

Above - Starrla, Zimbo, Yuck Yuck, Lemonade

As a few unfinished paintings and drawings lie about the studio, I'm cranking out the last 1/4 of the Beast Buddies series. I've almost reached that magic 100 mark and realized at number 43 that 100 was awfully ambitious. I can say now with a fair amount of confidence that my future custom sets will be much, much smaller in number. Maybe a dozen or so. Furthermore, it may be a while before I release another blind box series since I have tons of 2D pieces swimming around my brain that I really need to get out. That being said, there are still right at 20 Beast Buddies left that can be yours and in that 20 there are four golden tickets. The ticket for the FREE custom monster mini-Munny has not yet been claimed. If you want to own one of the Beast Buddies before the series is sold out, head over to my Etsy Shop.

Above - Creamsicle, Rock Fungus, Sadly, Split Decision

In addition to the Beast Buddies I am working on a few customs for NYCC 2010. The pieces will be offered up by Tenacious Toys at booth #2878 and are being created exclusively for NYCC. They will not be revealed anywhere prior.

A new T-shirt design is in the works and will hopefully be available within the next month or two. I have just 2 smalls and 5 XLs of Living Through Empty if you are interested in them. All sizes are still available in the Coffee Girl shirts, but they are very limited.

Above - Triclops, Booger, Cheese, Three

I really hope to put aside some time soon to do a new video blog. I received a lot of great feedback from the ones up now. Plus, I'm all set up with a digital video camera now so I won't have to shoot them with my webcam. If you want to check out the previous vlog episodes, they are on my YouTube Channel at

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