Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last Chance for Rachel

Recently I have begun phasing out some of my open edition prints from my Etsy Shop. The purpose is to increase the collectible status of open editions by making them more limited, and to create room for new upcoming prints. The latest print to be added to this list is the 5"x7" version of 'Rachel'. I have listed 10 of them and once these are gone, I will not be listing any more. They will still be available in my studio at The Gallery Underground, but no more will be offered online or through the mail so if you are not in Colorado, this is your last chance to get one, unless you're up for a road trip. Here is a direct link to the listing -

They are priced at just $7.00 each and they are signed. As always, I offer free shipping on any order $100 or more.

God bless,
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