Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Custom Skateboard at Spaghetti Project

At this very moment in Fredericksburg, VA, you can go to Spaghetti Project and check out this custom skateboard in the Deckalicious exhibit. This piece is called 'The Boy Who Ate Green Spaghetti In Space' and was hand painted with acrylics.

Here is a close up of the green spaghetti and the boy's shoe.

I asked Arlene Munoz, the curator of the show and owner of Spaghetti Project, what the theme of the board should be. Her suggestion was spaghetti. The blank deck I had was black, so I opted to leave it that way and loosely go for an outer space scene. My daughter (4 yrs old) wanted to help me paint, so I gave her a few sponges and let her tackle the background. She chose her own colors and I let her paint as much as she wanted. After she was done and the paint was dry, I used a white pencil to draw out the boy and spaghetti. Originally I was laying down colors for the noodles and my wife asked what color the spaghetti was going to be. I said "spaghetti color, I guess", not sure why she would ask such an absurd question. "You? Painting something the color it actually is? Are you okay?" was her general response. I must have been off axis or something because the idea of making the spaghetti an abnormal color hadn't even occurred to me. Green was the first color that came to mind so green it is. It's nice to have a couple of helpers in times of inspirational waffling.

There are a lot of great custom decks in the show and Spaghetti Project is an awesome shop with shirts, shoes, vinyl toys, and more. They are at 1025 Caroline Street Fredericksburg, VA 22401 / (540) 371-8697 / Store Hours: Closed Monday Tuesday - Friday 12p-6p / Saturday 12p-7p / Sunday 12p-4p

Here is a shot of some of the other decks.

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