Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Into The Darkness group toy show

Here's the flyer for an upcoming group show at the 1:AM (1st Amendment) Gallery in San Francisco, California. Participating artists include - 64 Colors, ADDEccenteric, Aeirsick, Albert Art, AttemptedArtistry, Ayleen Gaspar, Boompooper, brainstrikers, ARTDENKA, Brian Colin, BrownKidd, Bryan Collins, Catherine J. Cruz, Collin David, Cris Rose, D-LuX, DrilOne, Flyin Bear, George Gaspar, Hariken, InfamousAdam, Jenny Wolf, Jon Paul Kaiser, KaroGaro, Kat Brunnegraff, Keith Poon, Kel7alpha, Kelly Vetter, Leecifer, Leonard Amaral, Lily Black, Lunabee, Lysol, Max Bare, MeSmithy, Mike Maraldo, Nathan Lumm, Nerviswr3k, OsirisOrion, Patrick Francisco, Phoneticontrol, Pretty Poopie, RazhoR, REdYOdA, Robot Octopus, rustedhalo, Three, TIBONG, Trevor Zammit.

Here's the concept drawing I created for the piece I am sending to the show. He's called "A Few Loose Screws". I am literally applying a few loose screws to his head. And, since the show is called "Into The Darkness", I decided to write down all the things that scare me, cut them into little slips of paper, and insert them into the toys head. They are incredibly difficult to get back out without damaging the finished toy, so I am hoping they will stay in there forever.

If you are in San Francisco on June 5th, swing by the show. There are a lot of great artists participating and some of the toys should be extremely impressive.

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