Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beast Buddies 1 through 4

Here's a group shot of the first Beast Buddies. I have decided to paint 100 of them, and I'm giving away FREE stuff with them, too. With a random number generator ( ) I have designated 16 boxes to hold a secret Golden Ticket. If you find a Golden Ticket when you open your Beast Buddies, you have won a FREE 8"x10" signed print ($12 value), a FREE limited edition T-Shirt ($18 value), or a FREE hand painted Munny! ($150 value).

Since I know which Beast Buddies will come with a Golden Ticket, and I know how many I have made and sold, I also know that NO Golden Tickets have gone out yet, so your chances of winning keep getting better!

Buy Beast Buddies at in the SHOP or on Etst at
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