Thursday, August 24, 2017

One-A-Minute Sketch 2

One-A-Minute Fish

I've actually done something two days in a row besides drink coffee! Here's the second One-A-Minute sketch; the series that was started yesterday. What's that? I set a timer for 10-20 minutes depending on my schedule for that day, and draw with no plan until the timer goes off. YOU get these drawings for just ONE DOLLAR per minute. They won't be listed for sale in my shop so the only way to get one is to email me ( or catch me at a show. This little fishy was drawn on a 15 minute timer so he's just fifteen bucks plus $2.99 to ship it and I'll throw in a sticker or two so it will be worth the postage. Send me a message if you like him.

One-A-Minute 2
One-A-Minute Sketch #2 :: 5"x7" graphite on paper

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