Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gypsy's Moth

Gypsy's Moth
Bryan Collins
8"x10" colored pencil on wood, varnished surface

For some, the gypsy lifestyle of floating around without roots is attractive. Whether you like the idea of a community of traveling friends or the solitude of venturing about on your own, chances are that you've fantasized about wandering your way through life without ties. The bohemian style of colorful clothing and patterns is another beautiful aspect of the gypsy life. As for the moth, some believe frequent interactions with moths could mean that you are thinking too much about your destinations before undertaking the journey. A moth can also serve as a reminder not to be materialistic. There are numerous passages in the Bible that warn of moths corrupting material possessions, encouraging us to focus on the afterlife rather than the physical one. Thy gypsy has very little the moth can destroy. Perhaps this is a good model for living.

This original art has been created with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on basswood and is varnished. The cradled backed is wired for hanging.

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