Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sponsor an Original Art Piece

Woman Slaying Sea Serpent WIP

Every once in a while I am told "I would like to get a commission from you, I just don't know what to get." Some of you have even asked, "Is there anything you just really want to draw but can't because of doing other stuff?" The answer to this last question is a resounding YES. I lie awake at night thinking of pieces I would love to create but realistically I may never get to. With themed gallery show deadlines, commissions, and exhibits/shows/conventions my own personal ideas are usually on the back burner.

During an intense session of introspect and self loathing I remembered the day I posted on Facebook how I really wanted to do a big, full color Medusa piece and asked if anyone wanted to commission it. By the end of the day someone graciously contacted me and said he would like to make the Medusa piece happen. The commission commenced, I was able to make a piece I had wanted to make for many years, and the client received an original work with a neat story to go with it. So, can this be done again?

My Medusa Drawing

Beginning today I am initiating a Sponsor Art program. I am publishing a list of projects I've been longing to create for many years. You, the Sponsor, chooses the theme you like and I will make it. This means the project goes into my queue for pieces I must create and therefore will get done in the order it was received. When complete, you get the original art and I get to release a sigh of satisfaction in seeing the idea finally make it's way to reality. I will also make a video of the piece in production and post it on my YouTube channel. You will personally be thanked in the video for making the piece possible.

Here are the first ideas available for sponsoring:

1: Seasons - Four individual pieces. I picture each season represented by a woman and a few animals/creatures. An Alphonse Mucha inspired flow of lines and geometry will likely be used. Sized 11"x14" only so that each will be the same. Also, I want to make one piece which shows all four seasons together, sized 16"x20" or larger.

2: The Minotaur - I would love to see this follow up my Medusa. Greek mythology was a major interest of mine in high school and continues today. In this piece I imagine the beast front and center in a battle-stance with a maze behind him like a blazing sun. Sized 11"x14" or larger.

3: Submarine - As a kid, my idea of the most fantastic adventure possible was to go in a submarine and discover unknown creatures in the sea. I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau. I'd like to make a piece of art that depicts this adventure in a fantasy sense with imaginary sea creatures to make the point that we still don't know everything that lurks beneath our massive oceans. Sized 11"x14" or larger.

4: Coffee Girl - About five years ago I closed my series of over two dozen Coffee Girls and promised one final 18"x24" piece as a "farewell". This work has still not been created. The formula will be the same as the rest in the series with a female head blissfully floating over a steaming cup with geometric colorful shapes as a background.The shapes have been rectangles or circles but for this larger piece I may use more complex or varying geometry. Samples of Coffee Girls can be seen on my website HERE.

5: Dragon - Yes, I'm a fantasy nerd. I would love to make an intensely colored majestic dragon victoriously breathing fire into the sky. He or she would be standing over charred weapons and armor that proved useless to destroy this great creature. I'd like to find a way to incorporate some kind of stained glass look to the background. There is a 14"x18" piece of cradled basswood in my studio that is crying out to be used for this one.

If any of these themes speak to you, please send me an email for pricing. Don't be shy or embarrassed. I often accept payment installments where a deposit allows you to claim the piece so no one else gets it, then when paid in full the piece is completed and shipped to you.

Guidelines: Please, no deadlines! I want to work on these without the stressful hindrance of due dates. Sometimes I actually get work done faster when not facing a time limit. Sizes listed are minimum for the detail I want to achieve but you can always go larger. Sponsored pieces are priced lower that standard commissions so I ask that you allow me to have complete artistic freedom to create the piece as I see it. If you have specific requests for a piece we will set you up with a standard commission.

Drop me a line to sponsor art ~

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