Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Art Tip Tuesday #6 - Getting What You Need

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If you make art with traditional media, then you know that your supplies must be replenished eventually, conditional on how often you use them. This week I want to give a couple of tips on where to get supplies in person and online and how you can save money doing it. Getting what you need to keep your studio or work space stocked will alleviate frustration when you are ready to create. I order bulk supplies online such as a dozen black or white pencils or when I need something I can't find locally. Jerry's Artarama is where I order from the most. They have brick and mortar stores in some locations so perhaps there is one near you. By subscribing to their email you will get discounts and free product or shipping offers on a regular basis. You can sign up and see their inventory at www.jerrysartarama.com. Another great online source is Dick Blick. They also have free shipping offers and discounts available at www.dickblick.com.

Unless you are in a very remote location you can probably get to a Hobby Lobby or Michael's store without to much trouble. However, did you know both stores have phone apps you can download which will give you a daily coupon for 40-50% off any regular priced item? I have both apps on my phone and use them regularly. These stores have a good selection of sketch books, paint, brushes, canvases, and so on when you want to see a product in person before buying or you need something right away.

Please, please don't forget to do a little research and find out if you have a locally owned art supply store near you. People don't open independent art stores to make boat loads of cash. They open them because they love and support art and artists and you should support them back whenever you can.

As always, have fun with it!
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