Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Walking Dead Gets New Hero

Commissions are not like other types of art. There are certain guidelines, even when the collector says "Do whatever you want", the piece already has an owner so I feel it should fit the collector's personality and taste. Sometimes a commission is presented to me and I know right away it will be a really fun project. Take for example this Walking Dead cover illustration. The collector told me he had a blank issue #109 and asked if I would put some original art on it. He said it would be a gift for his dad who is a big Rick Grimes fan, so he wanted his dad as Sheriff Grimes fighting off some zombies. I had fun every step of the way on this one. If you are holding on to some blank-cover comics send me an email (bryancollinsart@gmail.com). I'd love to put some art on it!
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