Friday, March 8, 2013

Pink Elephant Custom Munny

Well, the sculpting bug has bitten me. I've managed to customize a couple hundred art toys in the past three years without ever picking up an ounce of sculpting material, but after receiving a commission for a Scorpion Dunny which required a sculpted tail, I had the thought in my mind to do more 3D, but never really took the leap. So far this year though, I have sculpted on a few customs, including this Pink Elephant 4" mini-Munny.

I will be sculpting more for sure, but not always. I still think there are times when the natural shape of the figure should be allowed to shine through and the paintwork should merely enhance the platform as it is. So, I am grateful now to have this new element of customizing in my grasp so that I am able to take each new piece in the direction that needs to go without limitation.

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Bryan Collins

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