Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pajama Painting Progression

Here we go with another painting progression of a piece for my "Inside Out" exhibit with Aaron Jasinski at Art Whino. Like the other three I've completed so far for this exhibit, this one is 11"x14", acrylic on gessoed basswood. The story here is the proverbial dream some folks have about coming to school in pajamas. If you've had the dream yourself, you know how troubling it can be. If you haven't had it, I'm sure you can image the awkward feelings a dream like that can produce.

I approached this piece "coloring book style" where I drew it all out directly on the gesso and painted everything piece by piece. This process is more tedious than painting the whole background, establishing an under-painting for the subject and foreground, and gradually layering details, but since I have very specific ideas for this show, I want to make sure each piece comes through exactly as planned.

The chalkboard has a list of things I really got in trouble for during my years in school. If you can't read the list you will just have to come to the opening at Art Whino on June 23rd to see the painting in person.

God bless,
Bryan Collins

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