Monday, April 23, 2012

Inked in Pink painting progression

Here we go with the second painting for the upcoming "Outside In" exhibit at Art Whino. This one is being called "Inked in Pink", as she will have pink tattoos covering her arms. The cherry blossoms and airplanes are being painted pink as well.

For these "Outside In" paintings I am using a technique different than my usual one where I paint the entire background first. Since I am doing all of these pieces on gessoed basswood, I am making somewhat detailed pencil drawings on the wood first and painting over top of the drawings. So far I am pleased with this process as it allows me to really plan out a piece in advance of attacking it.

This process is also much closer to what I am used to as a dry-media artist. I have been working exclusively in pen-and-ink and colored pencil for nearly my whole life, and just really started using paint in 2006. This cell-shading style of getting the paint on the board is much more like I am used to and seems to have me painting much faster.

You may notice a slight change to her wardrobe in the above photo. Once I started adding the tattoos to her arms I really wanted to have some across her chest as well, so I painted over the dark grey tank top she was wearing under the blue and black stripped one. Now she is "Inked in Pink". Time for a background.

Now that I am laying in the background and adding all the special details, this will be the last preview I will show until the opening night of "Outside In". I have to save some surprises for the exhibit!

"Outside In" will be a two-man show with Aaron Jasinski and opens June 23 at Art Whino.

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