Thursday, March 1, 2012

Daily Drawing 77

"Sailor" (daily drawing 77) - 5"x7" watercolor, acrylic, and ink on watercolor paper - Available at

On this piece I decided to play around with more shading than usual. Even though it's a "daily drawing" and intended to be completed in an hour or less, I've been wanting to learn how to achieve the same contrast and emotion in my quick drawings as I do in full paintings and illustrations taking days or even weeks.

As I train my hand and eye to spot the sections that need more working and develop a responsive instinct for this, I should be able to become more prolific when I get back to larger sized pieces of art.

This illustration is also another idea that I am considering for an upcoming painting to be shown at Art Whino in the near future. This subject is heavily inspired by the fact that I am moving back to Florida in less than two weeks and will reside next to the ocean. After 7 years in the land-locked mountains of Colorado, I am eager to smell the salty sea air again.

To see the selection of available daily drawings, please visit the Daily Drawing Section of my Etsy shop.

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