Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011 Albuquerque Comic Expo Summary

The first Albuquerque Comic Expo is now in the history books and in my own humble opinion, it was a great success. The residents of New Mexico really came out and supported the event, the celebrities, and the artists. I was very blessed to be a part of this inaugural event and I am grateful for all of the really cool people I met at the Expo. Albuquerque was awesome!

I was very thankful for the First Aid station since I was apparently under attack after setting up my table.

The Albuquerque Comic Expo was my first comic book event and I was impressed with the time and effort that went into the variety of costumes. I could hardly focus on drawing because it was so entertaining to just look around.

R2-D2 even took time out from his busy day to stroll through Artist's Alley.

The photo opportunities were endless.

My daughter in her Supergirl costume. She got a little pink Hello Kitty at the expo and is still excited about it.

My son didn't like Daddy being behind the table all day. He had on a Batman costume when he got to the expo, but it can be hard to keep a costume on a 2-year-old.

Matt Campbell was at the table behind me. Click his name to check out his DeviantArt page.

Alejandro Garza was one of my table neighbors. He's a quiet guy but his drawing skills are fantastic.

After initially getting stuck with a "volunteer" badge, Jeff Herndon was upgraded to "Celebrity Guest"; A title much more fitting. Jeff Herndon and Jamie King were the ones who told me about the Albuquerque Comic Expo and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have gone. I owe them a great deal of thanks for urging me to attend.

Two people I met at the expo who were exceptionally cool and I now consider friends were Grego and Kaylah from Bean Pot Toiz. Grego sent me home with a few DIY blank platforms which I will be customizing and sending back to him for a show in Dallas, TX in September. I will post pics when they are done but they will only be available through Bean Pot Toiz, so make sure to "Like" them on Facebook and check out their site at www.beanpottoiz.com

Between meeting new people and taking in the scenery, I got some painting done. I will share those pieces in another post. (Thanks to Jamie King for taking this photo).

The dates are already set for ACE 2012 so save June 22-24 on your calendar and check out the Albuquerque Comic Expo website at www.abqcomicexpo.com for updates.

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