Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Studio: Part 4

It looks a little better than the last update, but my new studio is still a mess. It's tough to keep up with the creative work-load and still make time to fix up the new place, but I'm juggling the best I know how. Even though I just took this photo the night before last, the studio already looks different. I have moved the floor easel (you can see part of it on the left) over to where you see the big red tool box in the photo. The tool box is now where the easel is in the photo. The reason for this is two-fold. First of all, I can use the drawing table as a place to rest my paints and other supplies I need while working. The other reason is that in a 1922 house, electrical outlets can be few and far between. In my entire studio there is just ONE outlet. Rather than running a bunch of extension cords or some other method that may become a fire hazard, I can now use just one desk lamp for both my drawing table and my easel.

I still have not put the final coat of paint on the orange wall, and still need to mount shelves before everything can be properly displayed and organized. I will continue to keep updating the progress on the new studio as interesting or significant changes are made, but for now it's back to work!

God bless,

Bryan A. Collins
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