Monday, March 14, 2011

New Studio Part 2

I've been performing a juggling act this weekend; Staying on pace with commissions and exhibits, painting my daughter's new room, painting my new studio, and squeezing in a band practice. So far I've only been able to paint one of the three walls in my studio. Yes, I know a room has four walls, but I've decided to leave one how it is. I mentioned in "New Studio Part 1" that I was thinking of painting one wall black. That is the wall where I will run a strip to prop large format work. Since that wall will have paint splatter and gesso remnants on it over time, I think I will just leave it the color it is and let the nature of art have its way with the wall as pieces get created there.

In the above photo you see the first color to get finished. It looks very pink in this picture, but it's actually fuchsia. I will eventually get some night photos so there's no light coming in the windows and the source light will be directly on the walls. Next will be purple, which you can see a swatch of in the photo below. The last wall to paint will be orange. I will then work out the stencils.

The internet is being connected on Thursday so I hope to be totally moved in to the new studio this coming weekend. Although I will be able to work there, the studio won't be finished at that point but I will keep the updates coming. Those of you who are waiting on commissions, rest assured I am still on schedule and working on your pieces 8-10 hours a day to keep up. The house stuff happens in the evenings. Thank you for your patience during this transitional process.

God bless,

Bryan A. Collins
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