Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Studio Part 1

My wife and I have been looking to buy a house for about a year and as of yesterday we have succeeded. We purchased a 1922 home in the Old Town area of Fort Collins, just one mile from The Gallery Underground where I've been exhibiting for a little more than two years. In this house I will be setting up a home studio, as I've mentioned before. From here I will start painting live via Stickam from time to time, and I will also be video blogging again when my new computer is delivered.

The photos you see here are of the room that I will be turning into my studio. I will post in-progress shots of the plan unfolding. I have an idea to paint each wall a different color. Maybe one orange, one fuchsia, one apple green (or aqua-teal), and one black. On the fuschia wall I was thinking of doing a huge stencil of my dog "Seven". On the black wall I would mount a strip of wood the full length of the wall where I can prop large pieces to work on. The orange wall might have a stencil of my family. The green wall may be the one with the large windows, so just a few small shelves would go there. I also want to remove the light on the ceiling and install an LED fixture with pivoting arms. LEDs use less energy and put out a ton of light. These are just ideas at the moment, so your comments or suggestions are more than welcome. This should be fun!

God bless,

Bryan A. Collins
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