Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I'm doing today

Yes, the title sounds so profound, but I just want to give a quick update of what's happening at the moment. If you are one who has subscribed to my Youtube Channel then you may have noticed I didn't do a video blog Monday or Tuesday. I am going to wait until Monday Jan 11th so I can finish up a few projects I'm working on.

Today I am hoping to finish a T-Shirt design I am creating for Ript. They are an online company that releases T-shirts for just 24 hours on each design. This makes the shirts exclusive and extremely limited edition. Please make sure you are following me on TWITTER, or at least signed up on my mailing list (top right of this blog) so that you will be notified when the shirt is available.

I am also working on a couple different skateboard designs with a few different deck companies. These boards will be available for purchase in limited runs so even if you don't skate, you can hang one on the wall as a unique way to own a limited edition print. There are out-of-print skateboards from the '90s I've seen selling for over a grand that were only $50 at the time they were in stores. That's better than the stock market.

I'm setting up an exhibit in Los Angeles with a gallery I have not show with before. Plus, in video blog 5 I will announce a huge event taking place in October, so make sure you are subscribed!

There are a few new things in my Etsy shop, so I will leave you with that.

God bless,

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