Monday, August 17, 2009

Life Bear, and the Art of Life

Aug 29, 2009 :: Art Whino / Life With Cancer foundation
~Art of Life group show for "Life With Cancer" foundation, 5pm-9pm @ 8411 Pennell Street, Fairfax, VA 22031

This is my latest acrylic on 3.5" vinyl Teddy Troop. I created this piece specifically for the "Art of Life" benefit exhibit for Art Whino and the Life With Cancer foundation. Please call Art Whino at (301)567-8210 for availability or questions about the exhibit.

For this piece I wanted to include elements that represent life, so I chose a spring motif with the blossoming cherry tree and the birds nesting on their eggs. The paper airplane on the back is a thing I occasionally include in my work. To me it represents a child's innocence, freedom, and having a light spirit.

If you would like a custom Teddy Troop painted just for you, please email me at


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