Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beast Buddies 5-8

These are the second set of 4 Beast Buddies. Clockwise from top left they are "Crete", "Mongolia", "Everglade", and "Larva". Each one measures 3" tall and was painted with acrylics. A couple of them have an acrylic gem attached to his/her head. Each of these little guys has already found a home, but I am making 100 Beast Buddies total so you still have time to adopt some of your own.

Beast Buddies are my series of 100 custom Dunny figurines. When you adopt Beast Buddies, they come to you neatly contained in a blind box. If you are unfamiliar with blind boxes, they are a mysterious way of packaging designer toys in which there may be need to conceal a prize. You don't know which toy you will get or if you will get a prize. In my Beast Buddies, 16 numbers have been randomly chosen to come with a Golden Ticket good for signed open edition prints, limited edition T-shirts, or a custom painted 4.5" Monster Munny.

If you are ready to adopt Beast Buddies, you can pick one up for just $45 at any of the websites below. In your box you will receive 1 custom painted one-of-a-kind original 3" Dunny, the original pencil drawing used to plan out your Beast Buddies, a bryandrinkscoffee.com sticker, and a short story about the concept of your Beast Buddies. If you are one of the fortunate 16, you will also have a Golden Ticket!

Your Beast Buddies are waiting for you at:
http://www.bryandrinkscoffee.com in the SHOP

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