Monday, May 11, 2009

Dunny BEAST BUDDIES are here!

Beast Buddies are here!

It took an entire team of monster hunters to wrangle these little guys and get them packed into their boxes, but it's finally done! While dressing our wounds we discovered these little guys can guzzle an entire cup of coffee in one sip if you look away, so guard yours with care.

Inside each box you will find a 3" custom vinyl Dunny, hand painted with acrylics and clear coated with a glossy shine. You also get the original pencil drawing concept used to plan out your Beast Buddies (includes the name of your Buddy), and a sticker. Each one of my Beast Buddies is an original and is a mystery until you open it. Hunt down as many as you like!

Why are Beast Buddies mysteriously packaged like this? One reason is that we don't know which ones we will come across on our hunts. They are elusive little monsters! Another reason is that once they are captured, we can't risk them getting loose, so the box gets sealed right away. The third reason is that surprises and just so much fun.

*PLEASE NOTE - The Dunny you see in the photos is just an example of Beast Buddies. That little guy is named "Appalachia" and he has already found a home. Your Beast Buddies will be the same shape and size, but no two Beast Buddies are identical in design or color. Each one is as unique as you are!

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