Thursday, March 19, 2009

work in progress II

Day three on this new painting. This photo shows about 4 hours of work since the last photo. Basically I began darkening and lightening various areas so I can begin to see where my contrasts need to be and what colors will help bring them out. I chose to only work on the old turtle man first and not do anything to the girl on the right. I find that when I have too much partially finished work on the same piece, I have a hard time concentrating on any certain area. My eyes are all over the painting and I get overwhelmed trying to focus on what needs to get done. I will continue working the turtle until I am fairly clear on how he will look when finished, then I will work on the girl, occasionally going back to the turtle to compliment how the girl begins to turn out, then back to the girl. I want both characters to work with each other, of course, in regards to lighting, colors, and textures (illusions of texture, not actual). I will be working on this piece tomorrow night at the open house at Gallery Underground in Ft Collins, CO. Come by from 5-9 to watch, if you want.
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