Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mini Monster Paintings

Mini Fuzzy Monster

If you have a Facebook page you've probably been tagged in some sort of challenge at some point or another. I was recently challenged by a fellow artist to create three pieces of art a day for five days. I replied that I was lucky to finish three in a week, but decided to shoot for three in one day and see how it went. Although they are very small pieces, I pulled it off with a few fuzzy monsters painted on wood. They are now available for adoption in my online shop at http://www.bryancollins.etsy.com

Fuzzy Devil Monster

Purchase at http://www.bryancollins.etsy.com

Loch Ness Fuzzy Monster

Due to commissions, upcoming exhibits, and life's distractions I won't be continuing the challenge, but at least it pushed me to produce these three new works.

God bless ~ Bryan

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