Friday, March 9, 2012

Modification to Daily Drawings

Yesterday I completed my 84th daily drawing. This has been a fun and challenging few months of completing one small drawing each day. At this point I am going to modify the daily drawing format to more of a "what I worked on today" type of thing. The difference will be that the daily drawings will not always be a completed piece in addition to my other daily work, but a look at what progress I made during the day with whatever it may be that I am engaging in. I have a few shows coming up this summer that will consume my time and I need to knock out a great deal of new paintings. I am also a couple-dozen deep on custom art-toy commissions. So, day by day, I will be sharing one photo of whatever I worked on during that day. Sometimes it will be completed work, sometimes it will be work in progress, but there will still be at least one post per day.

This will start once I get settled in to the new place in Florida. I will need the next week or so to finish packing up and make the drive out there from Colorado.

In the meantime, this is the piece I was working on today. It's called "It's Cozy Up Here" and is being shipped out with another piece to G40 in Richmond, VA. More info on G40 at

"It's Cozy Up Here"
6"x12" acrylic on canvas
Please contact Art Whino for purchase information
Phone: 301.567.8210

God bless,

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