Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Studio Part 3

It's a mess, but it's so good to be in a space that I can really feel creative in. After renting for so many years, it's nice to be able to paint the walls and drill holes or build shelves. Well, I haven't done the last two things yet, as you can see in the photos. Right now there are still boxes on the floor but I have a few places to put my coffee cup.

The "Berry Purple" wall is finished and the first coat is on the "Mandarin Orange" wall. I won't get to do much more with the space this week because no one else is going to finish the commissions and customs on my project board for me. I am content to work amidst a mess for the time being. My mom and dad are driving up from Florida next week though, so hopefully things will be in order by then.

I may have to change plans on the wall I intended for large-format painting. Apparently people only needed one outlet per room in 1922 and nobody since then ever decided to add a couple more in this room. The one outlet I have in the whole studio is on the wall I wanted empty for painting huge canvases and panels. Now the computer desk is there. This isn't a big deal at the moment. I still have a few unfinished, medium sized pieces to take care of before jumping in to a large piece. Perhaps an outlet will appear across the room in the meantime.

God bless,

Bryan A. Collins

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