Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Commissions for the Holidays

Summer is almost gone and the crackling of leaves will soon be heard under crisp fall air. Some of you are well aware of the upcoming season, because commissions for holiday gifts are already coming in for Christmas and even Halloween! Many are choosing to give unique and personal gifts this year, rather than heartless clutter. If you are one who is considering giving the gift of original art, and would like me to create something for you, please message me right away. As you know, there is a limited amount of time available between now and the holidays.

Even if you are just curious, it's okay to send me a message with your ideas. There is no commitment to discuss what you have in mind. However, please know that I create work in the order that deposits are made, not the order I receive messages so if you think we need to chat before you made a decision, lets get that ball rolling now!

I look forward to creating for those of you whom I have worked with in the past, and the new folks who I am meeting all the time. Thank you.

General prices:

3" custom Dunny ~ $50
3.5" custom Teddy Troop ~ $95
4" custom Munny ~ $150
8" custom Munny ~ $350

roughly $4.5 per sq inch (ie. 8"x10" = 80sqinches = $360)

roughly $5 per sq inch (ie. 8"x10" = 80sqinchs = $400)

Email me at art@bryandrinkscoffee.com
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